Frequently asked questions

  • About us

    What is traffic Raffle?

    Traffic raffle is an arcade like gaming application with an opportunity to claim amazing prizes by collecting coins (In-game currency).

    How can I access traffic Raffle?

    You can download the application through the App store or Play store for iOS and Android devices.

    What countries does Traffic Raffle operate in?

    Everyone with an Android or IOS device anywhere around the world can access this application.

    How do we contact you for any inquires?

    You can contact us by sending an email to

  • Account

    Do I need to register an account with Traffic Raffle?

    You do not need to register an account with traffic raffle. You can just download the application and start playing immediately using your Google or Game Center account.

    Traffic Raffle Prizes

    Where can I collect my prize?

    The prize will be directly delivered to you.

    What are the prizes?

    There will be numerous prizes which will regularly be updated by the team.

    How will the prizes be delivered?

    Once you claim a prize, we will contact you to arrange the delivery of your prize.

    Can the prize be delivered internationally?


    Who will handle the delivery fees?

    The delivery fees will be handled either by us or the winner depending on the charges.

    How do I get my prize if I win?

    Once claiming a prize, a user is automatically requested to verify their address and phone number. We will then communicate with them to arrange the transfer of prize(s).
    (You will also receive an email upon claiming the prize).

  • Security

    Are my personal details secure with Traffic raffle?

    Personal information will be collected once the user verifies his/her name, mobile number or email address which is required only when claiming the prize. These information will only be stored in our server and will not be distributed to any third parties unless required so according to the Privacy Policy. For more information on this, kindly refer to the Privacy Policy on

    Will I be spammed by Traffic raffle?

    You will not be spammed.

    How do we know if you are legitimate and if your prizes are real?

    We are 100% legit.

  • Reviews and comments will be available on our social media pages.

    After a prize is claimed by the user, upon users’ permissions we shall display the social media account of the winner with their prize on our social media page where they will also be able to comment.