Frequently asked questions

  • About us

    What is traffic Raffle?

    Traffic Raffle is a very simple application with legit grand prize.

    How can I access traffic Raffle?

    You can access the app through numerous platforms such as smartphones and tablets using iOS and Android.

    What countries does Traffic Raffle operate in?

    We operate internationally.

    How do we contact you for any inquires?

    You can contact us by sending us an email at

  • Account

    Why should I register an account with Traffic Raffle?

    It is not necessary to register an account with traffic Raffle as you can play as a guest. However, registering with us is for you to receive your prize.

    How do I set up my Traffic Raffle account?

    To create an account simply click ‘Login/Register’ and enter your details in the fields highlighted.

    How do I edit my Traffic Raffle account?

    To edit your account, click on your name/photo icon and select ‘My Account’. After you edit your details, click the 'Save changes' button.

    Will I receive notifications through my account?

    Only if you have enabled the ‘push notifications’ in your settings.

  • Competitions

    How frequently do new Traffic Raffle competitions emerge?

    Depending on when the current competition shall end. Each competition may have a different time frame.

    Will the prizes change each competition?

    There will be different prizes depending on the competition.

  • Traffic Raffle prizes

    Where can I collect my prize?

    The prize will be directly delivered to you.

    What are the prizes?

    Prizes vary from competition to competition.

    How will the prize be delivered?

    Once you win, we will contact you to arrange the delivery of your prize.

    Can the prize be delivered internationally?


    Who will handle the delivery fees?

    The delivery fees will be handled either by us or the winner depending on the charges.

    How do I get my prize if I win?

    Our app will automatically ask the winners for their details such as phone number, address etc. and we will contact you as soon as possible foe prize delivery. (You will also receive a text message or email upon winning the prize).

  • Security

    Are my personal details secure with Traffic Raffle?

    Traffic Raffle only collects name, mobile number or email address. These information will only be stored in our server and will not be distributed to any third parties. In addition, it will be erased at the start of a new competition.

    Will I be spammed by Traffic Raffle?

    You will not be spammed.

    How do we know if you are legitimate and if your prizes are real?

    We are 100% legit, after each competition the winners are visible on the leaderboard. Due to users privacy preferences we will display a picture of the winner with their prize on our social media page.